Audit and Inspection services made for you

BP Bytes user-friendly software helps you comply with HSE regulations by allowing you to create, edit, and manage audits. It takes corrective actions to mitigate identified risks developed right during the audit process, resulting in a logical workflow and traceability.

Real-time Auditing

Our two-way communication feature provides a secure channel for real-time auditing.


Making notes, memoirs, and setting reminders during audits is a productive way to take corrective actions that drive positive results and outcomes.

Why Our Audit and Inspection services:

BP Bytes takes Audit and Inspections to a better level. You can engage your employees in a simple to use mobile application that supports safety reliability and assures maximum compliance.

Importance of using our Audit and Inspection service:

Data capturing during audits and inspections can be tricky. Paper audits are inconvenient because they require you to write notes or complete a checklist without the ability to offer corroborating evidence, creating room for human misinterpretation. However, with BP Bytes, you can capture auditing evidence in real-time and attach any primary documents, such as videos, images, and sound recordings. It removes any room for bias, providing accuracy.
Increased Efficiency and Time Saved
Information can be missed or incomplete due to the time constraints placed on auditors, mainly if an issue arises that causes a delay in gaining access to essential details. BP bytes eliminate the need for a paper trail, giving you more time to analyze business and contractor operations in detail and provide a broader and more complete evaluation. Rather than sifting through paper files, you can capture photos, record, and edit while devoting more time to details often neglected.
Tracking and Reporting
Easy to spot and correct problems at a glance. You can also set up centralized reporting, conduct remote audits as needed, and quickly assess whether a particular aspect requires more training or other resources to improve its performance.
Update policies across all of your locations simultaneously and convey them effectively. You don't have to be concerned about whether or not updates have reached all business employees and stakeholders. You can also conduct evaluations, inspections, and audits more regularly and thoroughly, ensuring that you fulfill all criteria consistently.

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