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Contractor Compliance System

BP Bytes is the verification tool you need to ensure all contractors are insured, reliable, licenced and professionally trained before commencing work on your behalf.

Our contractor software offers immediate performance improvement through real time visibility, standardisation, digital on-boarding and assessment.

Combining several features into a single tool, our contractor compliance system not only organises information, templates and learning into a central database but automates work flows reducing repetitive manual tasks.

With inbuilt contractor performance monitoring features you can be confident you are engaging fully compliant, high performing contracting partners, everytime.


Our inbuilt comprehensive learning module provides contractor companies and their workers on-line access 24/7, to complete inductions and site required learning items prior to coming to site.
Easy desktop visibility of completion and success rates provide virtual compliance visibility for unattended sites


Contracting companies and their workers can submit supportive evidence (insurances, licences, certificates and other general documentation) via our Contractor Portal.
With the option of a document approval process, BP Bytes ensures full traceability and visibility for compliance records.

Check In/Out

Our check in/out system conducts a real time compliance review for contractors before granting access based on compliance status.
Utilising QR codes combined with our Compliance system, BP Bytes is provides several layers of protection for you and your business

Key Features


BY Bytes is user friendly and provides transparent visibility allowing you to monitor all stages of a contract.

Logical and Easy navigation

Compact and accessible on all handheld devices BP Bytes is intuitive, with easy navigation thanks to a friendly user interface and visual indicators. Easy and quick to set up we make the complex world of safety, simple.


Our advanced technology provides speed and efficiency to grow and scale as your business goes to the next level. Your can also update contractor management protocols with out missing a beat.


Procurement teams will be able to easily assess contract efficiency allowing them to make more informed decisions when selecting and engaging contracting companies and individuals.

Better Collaboration

Stakeholders and partners can make real time alterations to a single record, ensuring that everyone is working from the same document version, every time.


All information is important. The details of your contracts and other sensitive information is kept safe behind digital encryption and the most advanced cyber security measures.


BP Bytes integrates regulations and statutory requirements, together with your tailored business framework ensuring consistency of application across all contractors.

Improved Searchability

Contracts are text-searchable within our contract management software, making research easy with efficient browsing of large volumes of data with precision.

Better Cost Control

Keep track of contract performance information including cost, number of people, the percentage used to get the work done and more.

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