Looking for a proven tool that will drive a positive safety culture in your business?

BY Bytes Safety Management module is a digital tool that provides real time safety tasking, managing, planning and monitoring, all in the palm of your hand.
Whether you are running a corporate enterprise or a small business, BP Bytes manages all of your legislative requirements, internal business processes and drives continuous improvement.


With over 20 years industry experience, we know safety, and we know how difficult it can be to manage.
BP Bytes ensures transactional work is simple, automated, intuitive and reliable, so you can focus on safety behaviour.

Genuine Support

We pride ourselves on knowing safety and providing great customer service to ensure our product is not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them.

Why our Safety Management system?

Because we not only understand digital transformation, but we understand that safety behaviour is the hardest part of managing safety. Our job is to make the legislative, transactional work as easy and intuitive as possible, for you and your team, so more time can be spent on safety behaviour.

Our safety management system encompasses;

Incident reporting (Hazard, Miss, Incident, Injury) is entered in a logical, intuitive workflow with linked remedial action plans including status, due dates, action owners and more.
Workflows automatically notify leaders and action owners based on your organisational chart, incident type, safety focus and risk. Driving action and remediation outcomes BP Bytes system prompts your team in line with your process, every step of the way.
BP Bytes provides a holistic platform to manage incidents, contractors, audits and monitoring activities, creating the perfect environment to plan, risk assess and proactively manage safety in your business. Contractor on-boarding before attending site, risk mitigation, genuine performance monitoring and incident management all to help you plan, prepare and drive a strong safety culture.
Audits, inspections and reviews are easily tailored, scheduled and recorded, including two way input from your team, external contractors, and suppliers.
Action plans with automated workflows ensure findings are captured, reviewed and remediated with holistic visibility of status in real time.

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